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The Ups and Downs of May

The title of this post refers to the wacky weather we have had this week. It had been very dry but we got some good rain this week. Saturday was sunny and hot - 85 degrees. Sunday started out in the 50s and quickly dropped, bottoming out at 44 degrees!!! That is quite a change! Today started with a misty fog which continued through the noon hour.

The lilacs opened up and were dripping in the mist this morning - I cannot get enough of the perfume. It reminds me of being a kid and of my grandma.

The day ended with near 80 degrees again and sunny.

Everything is intensely green out there - Love it!

Rollie and Kevin planted our cornmeal corn and some of the sunflowers on Saturday. The planter looks like an antique because it is one - Rollie was riding this planter as a youngster and it wasn't new then either!

The seven chicks that hatched last weekend are doing great - even the weak one that I thought was kind of iffy. I didn't get them all into one picture though. Another broody hen has taken up residence in the brooding crate, so there will be more chicks in three weeks.

It's about time for a garden update. First off, I am tickled with the lettuce in the greenhouse. I took this picture earlier this week before I started picking it to eat.

Next is a view of the garden. Not very conventional. I lack the time to care for a more traditional design so have been trying different things. Last year I had some straw bales and three of these garden circles. This year, no straw bales and have added three more circles.

The green you see on the upper left is the garlic - I'm very happy with that, it's really outstanding. North of that is the asparagus. Straight east (to the right of the little shed) are raspberry canes - we should have a bumper crop of berries this year. There are peas in the circle that has the shade cloth cover. It's hard to see but the two circles that appear in front of the shed have a trellis between them. The white you see there is a row cover over some sugar snap peas. The peas are covered because something has been nipping off the leaves. Most of the circles are not planted yet but will be soon. And the tomatoes will be in the straw covered bed on the left.

So that's the garden - will update as the season progresses.

And the goat kids? Seems like they are bigger every day! Here Primrose is an armful for Kevin.

Thank you for checking out this little farm update. My new posts will likely come out on Monday evenings for the rest of the summer. Until next week, be well friends!

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