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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I am beginning this blog with an image that makes me smile; daughter Kori and Aster, one of Daisy's triplets.

You would think that now that the kids are all born, the waiting would be over.

Not so. Mother Nature has her own plan for us.

Kevin is very ready to get out and do some field work, but he has to wait.

I am waiting for it to be warm enough to move my baby plants out to the greenhouse.

Lavender, our firstborn kid is three weeks old today and Poppy's lad, the youngest is two weeks old now. The barn door has been open for the does and kids to go outside only three days in those three weeks.

That first outing was a little tentative.

Poppy is a worrier and likes to keep her lad close.

Kevin likes to spend some time with the kids while I am milking. They crawl all over him!

We've had cold. We've had snow. Sometimes we have had both. What has been in short supply is sunshine. We did have a bit of it on Easter Sunday morning - I enjoyed the view of deer and sandhill cranes while milking.

It didn't last long though, it started snowing in the afternoon. Here is the view this morning!

Well, that is a Minnesota spring for you. Looking back there have been years when the oats has been planted by now. And there have been the years when we have a lot more snow than this little bit.

Thank you for stopping by the Ole Lake Farm blog. Until next time, be well friends!

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