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Waiting on Kids

Our last post was titled Waiting on Spring. Well, we are still waiting for that and now we are getting ready for little goats. I have some updated pregnant doe photos to show off. First up, Ms "I refuse to let you take a good picture of me" Poppy!

Shall we try that again?

Sorry, no.

OK then, on to Ms. Belle who is much more cooperative:

She is so sweet, and wins the big belly award this year.

And finally Ms. Photogenic herself, Daisy!

Daisy is always happy to pose! She has a pretty big belly herself and seems to have dropped a bit and perhaps is bagging up some as well.

The waiting is a little easier this year due to some welcome technology. Kevin has installed wireless cameras in the does quarters so I can check on them without getting bundled up and trekking out to the barn. This is especially appreciated at 2:00 AM!

This night view reveals Poppy getting a scratch on Belle's back.

It's pretty handy to check up on them during the day too!

News from the coop. You may not remember but we got a new rooster last fall - a beautiful Rhode Island Red who I named Julio. Sadly, Julio was not with us for very long - he died, cause of death not determined. We have a fine new arrival to step in to his role - meet Don Julio!

Don Julio is not the only gentleman bird in the coop however. You may recall that last fall we had a surprise hatch of four chicks - two of the four were cockerels; one of those died but the remaining male is quite a big fellow now - I call him Júnior. So far the two are getting along fine.

I don't invest as much time into gardening as in years past but it wouldn't be spring without some seedlings under the lights. These lettuces will hopefully be moving to the greenhouse soon.

Also planted are peppers and tomatoes.

Hungry deer are everywhere lately, from the back yard to the barnyard:

That's it for this post - the next one will be very soon and will contain some kid news! Until then, be well friends!

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