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Weather Ups and Downs

We got a little rain on Saturday and the temp didn't quite make it to seventy degrees; it made for a somewhat chilly and damp farmer's market. Now, two days later it's close to ninety and humid again.

Today started out with heavy fog - no smoke though, thank goodness.

The view from the milking stand is partially obscured by one of the WD's which is attached to the old combine. This was used for harvesting wheat this week. The yield was less than what Kevin had hoped for but will suffice for re-planting and what we need to grind for flour for ourselves and our customers.

A foggy view of the garden.

The garden is doing well despite the less than desirable amount of rainfall this summer. We are getting a few cherry tomatoes now but no big ones yet. The cucumbers are over-achievers so have plenty those to share and the beans are ramping up. We are bringing in a few green peppers too but really would like to leave most of those to color up.

Can you see Peanut and the poults out there under the tree?

The turkey poults have gotten some of the Royal Palm markings now. It looks like we have one tom and two hens but I am not 100 % sure on that.

The pigs are enjoying an expansion of their pen. They really like the shade provided by the north side of the shed and some small trees growing there.

The does stay indoors during the heat of the day but venture out later when the sun isn't so direct. Daisy and Belle posed for me this evening - Daisy was curious about Rusty but he wasn't too interested in her!

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Until next time, be well friends!

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