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We Fall for October

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Since our last blog post, we have had some really warm weather and some downright chilly weather which is as it should be - it is October after all.

Some days in late September were kind of hot! The pigs enjoyed wallowing a bit.

We didn't get frost until nearly the end of the month - first a light one and then a serious freeze that wiped out the garden.

We have had some really beautiful fall color this year. The photo at the beginning of this post is the view from the milking stand on October 5. Since then many more trees have colored up and we have also lost a lot of them to the wind.

Hoover and I have resumed walks in the woods now that there are many less biting insects about. I like to stop and pick up a few handfuls of acorns to bring back for the pigs - they love the treat!

The grain got planted on September 25. Below, Rollie is having a ride on the planter - he keeps an eye on the grain level in the planter and makes sure it is being distributed evenly.

Now, about two weeks later the field is greening up. The wheat and rye will get some growth and then go dormant for the winter.

We got a load (a really big load) of wild rice hulls delivered. These make great mulch in the garden and I am going to try using some on the garlic too. The rest will be spread on the fields to add organic matter.

Because this post needs more animal photos, here is Rusty - Rodent Exterminator Extraordinaire!

And that is our post for today. Thank you for stopping by and until next time, be well friends!

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